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Re: MyEtraining on windows

Postby gregghinkle » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:18 pm

GurdyHurdy wrote:
gregghinkle wrote:I have a Bontrager Duotrap combination speed/cadence sensor which I use to record my cadence. The windows MyEtraining application does not recognize this sensor so I have no cadence information which in my case renders this app useless since I use cadence information as a vital training aid. The software does recognize my heart rate monitor and trainer (Direto). When I use other training software such as the Trainerroad windows desktop application, it recognizes my sensor perfectly and I get cadence information. Also if I use the MyEtraining android app, it also recognizes my cadence sensor and shows cadence information. ... Does anyone know what this type of sensor will finally be supported? It is preventing me from using this software.

Thanks - that explains, in the same boat. I also tried to get the separate external cadence sensor to record but no success there either. Did you get that one to work ?

Unfortunately it still doesn't work. I still check almost every day to see if a new version of Windows my e-Training software is available, and when it is, I try to pair my ANT+ cadence/speed sensor with it. No luck so far. I see that Elite does sell a cadence sensor that plugs directly into the Direto ... it/4027544 however it is not available in the US and the shipping cost from Italy to the US is ridiculous. So I guess that I will continue to use Trainerroad and Zwift since those training applications work just fine with my cadence/speed sensor.
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Re: MyEtraining on windows

Postby gregghinkle » Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:22 pm

Elite Admin S wrote:Hi guys

Sorry for the delay on the answer.
I'll try to answer to all of you.

I'm sorry for your disappointment. I'll try to clarify the situation of the lifetime coupon first.
Lifetime coupons are promotional coupons that we've inserted in our Kura and Drivo trainers last year.
This subscriptions allow a lifetime use of the app my e-training (my e-training Desktop software wasn't released yet, it didnt exist at that time).
Then, we have released the my e-training Desktop software, which is a different item. So, it is not included in your lifetime subscription.
Drivo users also have received the Real software for pc, which is for free for Drivo users. And we still update it quite regularely (now it has been released the version).

About usb ant+ dongle, it doesn't have to be the one we sell in our website. Any brand is ok if it respects the standard.
If you have any problem with the dongle:
- check that the operative system has recognized the dongle properly
- check if you have other programs that "occupy" the dongle at computer startup (Garmin Express, Ant Agent...)

About the map to select the courses... good idea! I'll forward your request to the development team

I think it's all!

Any news of when combination ANT+ cadence/speed sensors will be supported by the Windows version of my eTraining software?

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Re: MyEtraining on windows

Postby GJS » Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:46 pm

Hi If you can put your contact details here i am from the Uk and can send you a sensor by post

let me Know GJ

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