Elite Turno Misuro B+ / Problems

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Elite Turno Misuro B+ / Problems

Postby sowacki » Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:39 pm

Hello All.

A month ago I bought a new one: Elite turno Misuro B+

After just a few trainings and sprints - I got suspicious that I was barely reaching 200 W + on Zwift. Unfortunately, I have not read the reviews about this equipment (and the opinion is that it does not show the real Watt power on Zwift).

In my case, the trainer also lowers the Watt power by about 50 W on Zwift (The B+ sensor is calibrated correctly (15 blinks).

Yesterday I installed the Elit My Traning application and in the training session I have the impression - that the application shows the correct power. However, when I switch to Zwift - the problem returns. Both Zwift and Elite My Traning can be connected via the phone app (using bluetooh).


Today I spoke to Zwift and I quote the answer: "our technology supports the Misuro B +, but the readings are very often inaccurate, despite any calibration."


At the same time, both parties admit (Elite and Zwift) that he Misuro B + sends the same data to any app.

If they are sending the same data, why do the two applications interpret so differently?

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