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Bike compatibility

Postby Jeanette » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:06 pm

I wondered if anyone can help us please? My husband has just rigged up his old Viscount sport C1977 to my daughter's elite, digital ANT for me to train on for a 100k round Edinburgh in June but I got on it and cannot move the pedals at all after a few turns. I can usually ride his bike OK and we can turn the pedals fine by hand on the trainer but it doesn't want to go with me on it! (Honestly, I am only 8st 10lb.) I have tried in Level mode and in Power mode and neither works. Is it the bike, it doesn't have a quick release so we can't put in the one supplied or have we set it up wrongly?
Thanks in anticipation

My daughter has now loaned me her bike too so hopefully problem solved.

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