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Misuro and my etraining

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:57 pm
by Pitu14

I have a turbo muin roller and misuro b+. I have also My E-training app, but I can't connect the misuro with my mobile phone or my tablet by bluetooth.

Can you say me what is the problem? I've configurate the roller in the app, but the misuro sensor can't accept the bluetooth connexion... I hope your answer.

thanks and best regards

Re: Misuro and my etraining

Posted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:31 am
by Elite Admin S

First things to check are these:
- number of flashes of the misuro (verify on the instructions sheet the correct number that must be set)
- battery of the misuro
- position of the misuro (orientation is important!)
- configuration set in the app

Also, remember to check if your phone and tablet support the bluetooth smart or ant+ protocol.

If all seems correct, try also in this way:
- remove the battery from the misuro
- power off your devices (phone and tablet)
- restart your phone
- run my e-training
- put the battery on the misuro and apply it on the trainer
- do again the configuration

If still you're not able to connect, contact our customer care using the contact form in the app