Novo Force 8 and Misuro B+ via bluetooth

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Novo Force 8 and Misuro B+ via bluetooth

Postby umeshamin » Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:30 am

Hello. I’m trying to setup Novo Force 8 and Misuro B+ to Zwift application using bluetooth only (don’t have ANT+ adapter). I got this to work however the speed and WATs I receive are both far from true. To give an example - I feel like riding 15-20 kph but Zwift shows 35 kph and like 400 WATs. Doesn’t matter if I pair Misuro B+ to pc directly or connect to android application and then pc, results are kinda the same. Do I need to select exact type of trainer I use? If so, where to do that in Zwift? Misuro B+ is set at 12 blinks as it should and other app (myETraining) gives pretty much accurate results. Best regards

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Re: Novo Force 8 and Misuro B+ via bluetooth

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:53 am


You have to select speed & classical trainer and pair it there.
If you have wrong speed, it means that the circumference value is not correct.
The Misuro sensor calculates speed on the turns of the elastogel roller (not on the wheel) so you have to set a 94mm circumference.
To know where to modify the circumference value, I suggest you to contact Zwift directly


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