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Elite Turbo Muin Smart Turbo Trainer Set Up?

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:09 am
Elite Turbo Muin Smart Turbo Trainer
Hi All
Bought the Elite Turbo Muin B+ Smart Turbo Trainer from Halfords..
This my second one as I had the Elite Turbo Muin before this.
I cannot get it to work with my tablet, as blue tooth pairing does not seem to work.
Im having issues with the zwift account as well ( another story).
Plus my head unit ( Mio Cyclo 505 ) was difficult to set up. but now shows 110mph reading.. Yes I good but that that good..
Last time I bought a new sensor for the older model, which is stuck to the side and set to 12 blinks.
The new one said set it to 12 blinks as well. Then I realised that the wheels they are looking at are different sizes and may be thats why my MPH is so mad. So maybe the sensor on the new one is set up incorrectly which has been set as per the instructions in the box.
I been trying to get more info on this situation. I going to try the old sensor in the new unit to see what happens. And put new sensor on the old unit to see if it works.
I have spoken to halfords and hey said bring it back. But I really need this kit to work as I am discovering that its lucky to get a good one. So would never buy a second hand unit as its to easy to stung. If I cant sort it I'll just take it back and get my money back.