When will the Strezo be unlocked for other apps

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When will the Strezo be unlocked for other apps

Postby antekd » Wed Jan 12, 2022 7:10 pm


Just received my first Strezo, was planning on using Zwift, but I'm disappointed to hear that Elite and Zwift have some exclusivity to using the sensor. This is not advertised anywhere when purchasing this sensor which is quite disingenuous. Zwift is terribly slow in innovation especially for the amount of money they receive(+15$ subscription for an app that looks like it was made in 2004). More than a year of integrating Strezo and its still in beta! LOL pathetic! If this tech would open up, e-cycling would develop so much more and faster. We need more competition in this space. Does anyone one know when Elite will open up the sensor to other apps like RGT or to allow other software companies to develop apps with this is tech?

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Re: When will the Strezo be unlocked for other apps

Postby humphuk » Fri Mar 03, 2023 11:32 pm

It would be interesting, now that Wahoo RGT had steering. Wahoo offer a phone based device, but I would love to use my Sterzo. I would not be surprised that use of their steering device on a competitor platform will not be a high priority for Elite. RGT steering is quite binary.....so wont take full advantage of the Sterzo. We know the Sterzo communication protocol has been hacked (I use it on GTA with good results.....much better than Zwift steering. So someone will come up with a software bridge for Sterzo to keypress (a or d) to make it work. Well, I hope

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