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Tips for recording a video

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:01 am
by stephen.r.gunn
The "Guide" function does not seem to be working in the MyRealVideo app (v1.4.2 on Android). Therefore can anyone offer tips on best way to record a video e.g.

What is the max speed one can drive at and still get an acceptably smooth video (I don't want to drive a cycling speed and annoy other road users!)

I've seen some users report the video playing back upside down. What steps should I take to avoid this situation?

How much free memory is required on the phone to create a video of around 20 miles at 1280x720 at an acceptable speed?

Does the video get recorded to internal memory or external SD Card?

Any other tips for making a good quality video for me and others to share?

P.S. I live in a nice hilly area of the UK where there don't seem to be any MyRealVideos available already, so hopefully I will be able to produce some content of interest to others (as well as just myself!).