How to tell if 'Mobile Network Data' is enabled or disabled?

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How to tell if 'Mobile Network Data' is enabled or disabled?

Postby Erika218 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:35 am

I have an app that I want to be able to use to get a connection status report from a remote query.

I want to know if WiFi is connected, and if data access is enabled over mobile network.

If the WiFi goes out of range I want to know if I can rely on the mobile network.

The problem is that data enabled is always returned as true when I am connected by WiFi, and I can only properly query the mobile network when not connected by WiFi.

all the answers I have seen suggest polling to see what the current connection is, but I want to know if mobile network is available should I need it, even though I might be connected by WiFi at present.

Is there anyway of telling whether mobile network data is enabled without polling to see if is connected?

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