ASUS FX505DU stuck on ASUS logo after reboot

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ASUS FX505DU stuck on ASUS logo after reboot

Postby SheldonJ » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:57 pm

I have an ASUS FX505DU with an ADATA sx8200 pro 256gb ssd. When the Windows not shutdown properly like when i shutdown with power button long press or after a BSOD. I stuck on the ASUS logo, the Windows can't boot up and i can't enter into the BIOS. If i remove the SSD, i can access to the BIOS. After i reset the BIOS and add the SSD back the Windows can boot up again. I have the latest BIOS(updated 2 days ago) . Could it be a faulty SSD? or is it some software issue?

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