compatibility with garmin 520

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compatibility with garmin 520

Postby cristian » Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:52 pm

I have a smart trainer it is the Qubo digital but it isn't the B+ model it just Qubo digital and I want to link it to the MY E-TRAINER app but it doesn't connect, my mobile-phone is a Samsung J2 PRIME, also the online web said that it is compatible.

I have others question
can i connect the trainer with a garmin 520? i tried but the garmin didn't find the trainer
which trainer can link up with my garmin 520?

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Re: compatibility with garmin 520

Postby Elite Admin S » Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:55 pm


Qubo Digital transmits only using ant protocol, so your device must support this communication.
If your device doesn't support the ant+, you'll have to use a usb ant+ dongle and an OTG cable.

With the Garmin 520, you cannot connect to the trainer (it uses a special proprietary protocol). If your trainer is the upgradable version, you can upgrade it to make it ant+ fe-c compatible (and use it with the Garmin). But it must have a serial number higher than 9784.
If you want to do the upgrade, write to the customer care at and ask for the complete instructions.


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