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Re: Direto calibration

Postby mikeyadams » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:29 pm

santimillanm.29 wrote:Hello
I'm new with the Direto and i could not find where do i have to go to calibrate. Can someone explain me where is in the menus?

Did you manage to find an answer to this?

I'm in the same situation, both a Direto, open the iOS app to calibrate and its got a wheel circumference in there of 2xxx. But I've seen a Youtube setup video and found info on here saying you need to put in 173.

TrainerRoad has a value in 2xxx as well.

If someone could explain all of this it would be much appreciated :D


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Re: Direto calibration

Postby Elite Admin S » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:49 am

With Direto:
- if you use our my e-training app, you have to insert your circumference value
- if you use a non elite device or app, you have to insert your circumference divided by 12.1
- calibration option is in advanced configuration of my e-training app (doesn't appear if you have selected and external power sensor)


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Re: Direto calibration

Postby anjan@selz.ch » Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:33 pm

I just purchased a DIRETO, my first turbo trainer.
I calibrated with the elite in-built software, defined my wheel size as 2105 (for a 700x25) and the offset value shown was 6186.
Now if I ride in the flat, the average speed is indicated as somewhere between 33-34 kmh, which corresponds well to my outdoor performance.
However, if I ride up the slopes, then I virtually fly up there. On the map tool I drew a round course which I am used to do as well outdoor. It includes a 15km long 12% average slope ascent, this would be classified as a HC ascent. Outdoor I go up there with a max average of about 15kmh. On the DIRETO however, I fly up there with an easy average of 25kmh. So now I am hesitating to sign up for next years Tour de France, but before I ask you: what's wrong here!!??
Thanks in advance for your prompt reply!

Riding the hills in alpine Switzerland

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Re: Direto calibration

Postby zwifter2170 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:39 am

What is wheel # for 700 x 25? Thanks

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Re: Direto calibration

Postby Elite Admin S » Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:17 pm


please contact the customer care at real@elite-it.com


it depends on the tire you use, measure it manually

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Re: Direto calibration

Postby nickfielibert » Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:07 pm

I'm seeing the same issue as mentioned above where the slope resistance does not match the real resistance on the road. This effect is very apparent in Zwift. The result is that is zwift the speed drops to match the power output of the trainer. Obviously this is related to the gear used. With 34Fx28R, at 74 rpm, 14% slope, I'm pushing 240 W, where zwift shows 7.8 kph, while the real speed of the trainer wheel should be 11.2 kph. This speed should correspond to 354W for my weight of 78 kg. So the simple fact is that the Direto produces power that is way too low for the real speed that I'm making on the Direto wheel.
If the speed sensor in Direto is real and RPM as well. it should all match for an average rider of 75 kg or whatever the Direto resistance is calibrated for.
At 14% at some gear setting (34x28) and 74RPM I should I should be pushing 350W. at a setting of 34x25 it should be 388W and the speed would be 12.6 kph. Of course it is not a real bike situation on the road, and things are dependent on factors unknown to the Direto, like weight of the rider, but the simulation from the trainer could be perfected by calculating gear and allowing a setting for weight, that the Direto would use when being controlled by other SW.

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Re: Direto calibration

Postby nickfielibert » Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:25 pm

Further to the remarks of anjan above, I dd some measurements after calibration with the ios app. My calibration value was 6332.
Since I wanted test climb realism, I tested with my smallest gear 34x28 (front x back). First of all I found that for matching RPM and speed, the wheel circumference needed to be 2040 mm instead of the real value of 2080 mm. Then looking at power versus slope, I used the level mode training. At level 10, the Direto showed 142 W @ 10.4 kph, this corresponds to the power needed for a 65 kg rider to achieve that speed on a slope of 8%. So level 10 seems to correspond to 8%. Level 16, I had assumed was for 14% slope, the maximum spec. For this I did 247 W for 10.3 kph, this is correct if you assume a 65 kg rider. In the prefs you have to enter wheelsize , your weight etc. but the simulated resistance seems to ignore that. Also, I think it is stupid, not to have a mode with slope setting, like for example tacx is doing. It is relatively easy to map power, weight and speed in some simple formula, if you assume no drag or rolling resistance. It should be easy to feed that data in the Direto from the app. That way the experience would really match road riding in virtual rides like Zwift. I started checking this because the Zwift climbs are far from realistic with RPM vs speed not being correct because zwift calculates speed from power. In my 34x28 gear setting, I make high revs with way too low speed because I can't push enough power at comfortable RPM.
Is what I measure as expected?

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Re: Direto calibration

Postby winnie_ubels » Mon Jan 22, 2018 11:32 am

How do i know if i need to do calibration? Just got a Direto so starting to check how it works

I tried to ride a course that i created on the gps, but at aome point the hear gets really heavy allthough there the slope is not that steep, is that normal?

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Re: Direto calibration

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:57 am


Zwift in simulation mode in bluetooth adjusts the resistance of the trainer only considering slope. It doesn't consider speed or weight of the rider.
This cannot produce a good simulation. As you can easily understand, ride on the same slope with different speed or different weight is really different!
I think that this is what you're experiencing.
But if you think it is not your case, please contact the customer care at real@elite-it.com and we will investigate further your case to understand if the trainer is working properly or not.

@ winnie_ubels,

We suggest to do a calibration every 3-4 weeks of use.
Do the calibration and check the offset you get, it must be close to the one on the sticker below the trainer.
If you still have problems, please contact the customer care at real@elite-it.com


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