Suito Trainer died?

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Suito Trainer died?

Postby oskodaniel » Thu Dec 10, 2020 8:35 pm

Dear all,

Bought recently a Suito trainer for home. After almost 2 weeks I got a strange noise out of the trainer itself. It get louder and louder, till today, where the ERG mode completely died. In Zwift I cannot pair the Controllable mode (with BLE or ANT+), and there's no resistance within the ERG or when trying to manually adjust it. Also after disconnecting the power and reconnecting. I tried to calibrate the trainer in the myETraining app, which worked, but afterwards still no ERG and still strange noises without proper resistance.
Attached a video about the noises:!AgrFidcnBHkexXsRZXD2aFm3iEEe

Can you please assist what the next steps should be? I believe most probably an RTM is the right way, but any reply is highly appreciated!



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Re: Suito Trainer died?

Postby DDmors » Mon Jan 25, 2021 5:30 pm

It sounds like the problem I have. I have outline a few hours’ worth of work to get it working temporarily. After 3-5 rides I encounter the issue again or new issues (Such as loss of the cadence sensor).


I have raised support ticket 105777.

So far no solution and good luck getting a warranty replacement. I was told to contact the store I purchased it from. The store wants me to ship the unit to them at my cost of 60$+ and there is none in stock and don't have an ETA.

I have reached back out to Elite to see if they can assist and explained my issue and I only was told to speak with the Store I purchased it from.



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