Adapter for fixed gear with screw axis

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Adapter for fixed gear with screw axis

Postby fr43nk » Mon Nov 16, 2020 2:18 pm


I'd like to use my beloved fixed gear in an elite qubo power mag smart b+.
Since the bike has no quick release, it has a "screw axis".!Am_3WaRhFPBbgdYCrjKrMefEpmf0dg?e=ZzuiLg

It doesn't fit a 100% and I`m worried that it would result in damaging my bike.!Am_3WaRhFPBbgdYE6tJD5H92xk3ehA?e=czqThr
Are there any adapters I could use?
I already tried the axle nuts M10x1 by Tacx, but they wont fit on the axle.

Additionally the rear of the bike is somehow too small for the trainer.!Am_3WaRhFPBbgdYFh3irpicMU-pUIA?e=VrCG2h
I would need kind of an adapter on the left side of the trainer to adjust the bike in the middle of the trainer.

Since this bike is very special to me like it is (and it's an only italian parts bike) chaning the rear wheel or the axis to a quick realse is no option (actually I'm not sure if that would even be safe :) ).

Well, maybe someone has an idea or knows how to tinker a solution :)

Regards, frank

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