direto erg mode in zwift

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Re: direto erg mode in zwift

Postby raphnou » Wed May 16, 2018 11:06 pm

Elite Admin S wrote:Hi guys

@raphnou, you're doing a training quite "extreme" (big change in power in few seconds).

Please do this two tests:

1. do the same training (with the same segments) in my e-training and let me know if the situation is the same

2. in Zwift, increase a little the segments (20-30s instead of 10s) and let me know if the situation improves

Then, let us know.

Hello Elite,

I wanted to do the same training with MyTraining and compare with Zwift the values, unfortunately MyETraining did not add the intervals in the TCX file, so it is unusable. Another problem that I discovered with MET, the arms fall to me ...

Very disappointed to go round in circles, sincerely if your software offer was up to scratch, certainly the experience would be better.
But that's too much, I abandon MYETraining definitively, I just keep it for calibration hoping that once paid, I hope we can still calibrate the Direto for free ...

So I continue on Zwift trying to keep me on a program, for the moment I use a smoothing at 5, but I find that the Direto still has difficulties to maintain the constant power for powers above 100W

For example with Cheetah, I see for a target power at 150W an average of 146W, and for a target power of 180W I have an average of 174W.
I'm going to try a freeride session tomorrow because finally I have very little ride with this mode I hope that everything will be fine ...

Could you just give us the characteristics of the Direto on its reactivity, so that we can modify the training of Zwift by taking into account this latency, because some training of Zwift have intervals of 10 seconds, thus going from 105W to 325W then keep the 325W for 10 seconds it's impossible to do with the Direto.
Moreover, if Zwift offers intervals of 10 seconds, that means that trainers are able to do it, is not it? But who can do that at Elite?

I will admit that I was discouraged and called the online store to claim my refund before the 30 days, but the shop did not want to know because I had used the Direto.

have a good day

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