Low resistance using Novo Smart in Zwift

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Low resistance using Novo Smart in Zwift

Postby ben_chuilon » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:20 am

I have a Novo Smart interactive trainer, which I use with a separate power meter for Zwift. It generally works well, except when I am at high power on flat sections of road in Zwift. Even in my hardest gear (50 x 11 gearing on 700x23C wheels) I cannot go much beyond 400W before my cadence reaches ridiculous levels.

I have tried lowering the P1/P2/P3 values by -20% from the factory settings, but I have not noticed any difference. Is it the case that because I do not use the power output from the smart trainer, the change in P-values will not affect the resistance that Zwift chooses? Or should I modify the P-values further?

If the P-values have no impact when using a separate power meter on Zwift, is it possible to increase the resistance of the trainer by changing the magnet positions inside the unit itself? Otherwise, is it possible to to this by changing the wheel or roller circumference/diameter settings?

I have never "run out of gears" when using the small gears for climbing (34 x 25 gearing), so I would be happy if all my 16 trainer resistance levels where harder.

I should also say that I do not have any wheel-slippage. For the moment, increasing the contact pressure between the wheel and roller is the only way to make the overall resistance harder, but this is quite a small effect and it clearly damages my tyres.

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Re: Low resistance using Novo Smart in Zwift

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:10 am

Hi Ben

Zwift in simulation mode in bluetooth adjusts the resistance of the trainer only considering slope.
This is not correct if you want a good simulation, as you'd also have to consider speed and weight of the rider.
For example, riding on a 4% slope at 10km/h requires a different effort than ride on it at 30km/h.
And ride on a 5% slope for a rider of 60kg is really different compared to a 90kg rider.

We already talked with Zwift team about this situation, but we don't know when (and if) they will change their way of adjusting resistance.
Contact Zwift directly to have more details.


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