RealTour B+ slopes realism

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RealTour B+ slopes realism

Postby fuego.bluedane » Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:30 pm

Hi. I have another question about RealTour B+ and I think other interactive trainers. How does the riders weight affects slopes realism? Is it better to be heavier or lighter to get higher % slopes simulations ( more then 6%). For example I weight about 65kg, will i get more or less then 6% slopes from RealToue B+?

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Re: RealTour B+ slopes realism

Postby Elite Admin S » Mon Mar 27, 2017 8:53 am


The weight, along with speed, is very important to simulate slope.
The higher the weight, the higher the power you will develop on the same slope (for a heavy rider, the effort on a high slope is more than for a light one). So, if your weight is higher, you'll reach faster the max power that the trainer can develop in that specific situation.

Let's do an example to make it clear.

Suppose to have three raiders: Rider A (55Kg), Rider B (65Kg) and Rider C (80Kg)
At 25Km/h, the max power developed by the trainer is around 370W.

For Rider A, this is equivalent to a 6.3% slope.
For Rider B, it is equivalent to a 5,5% slope.
For Rider C, it is equivalent to a 4,6% slope.

If you have any question, I'm at your disposal.

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