Speed issues with new Rampa and Wahoo Elemnt.

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Speed issues with new Rampa and Wahoo Elemnt.

Postby stagger321 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:13 am

Hi there.

I am having issues getting my new Elite Rampa Smart turbo and a new Wahoo Elemnt computer configured correctly.
Its linking successfully via ANT+.
I am seeing issue with the speed it shows on the Elemnt when riding a training ride I regularly use outdoors, and also when tested as a set power rating. The speed is both wrong and varies when it shouldn't.

Elites's post on this forum suggests a circumference setting of 62mm. I really don't understand this, as the roller diameter is 40mm so there is no way the circumference (pi x diameter) is 62mm.
If I use 0.062m my speed is much slower than it should be.

I have tried entering the actual roller diameter x pi (40 x 3.14) = 126mm (0.126m in the app), and this is better (probably 1/2 the speed of real life), but nothing like real life speed.

When I contact Wahoo they say - try 0.175m, which they say is the size for the Direto, not my Rampa. This gives me better results, but as you can see from the Flickr video below the Wahoo speed figures vary/fluctuate significantly vs a bluetooth connected phone running myETraining .

https://flic.kr/p/227cQ25 Note - this is a video - not an image - please press the central play button.

I thought an ANT+ FE-C connected device would give me more reliable figures than bluetooth. :?

Wahoo suggest I contact Elite - so I am looking here for help.

Note: I am setup correctly as per the Rampa instructions with 7.5bar in the 700x23C tyre, and the correct clamping setup - there is no tyre slip.

Many Thanks


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