Direto and Bkool not pairing via Bluetooth

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Direto and Bkool not pairing via Bluetooth

Postby Softrider » Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:37 pm

Hi there,

I got my new Direto yesterday. I wanted to connect them via Bluetooth with my Notebook where I have the BKool Trainer Simulator installed. Unfortunately BKool won't recognize the Direto in the option menu, it just can't find anything. I already read that I must not pair it over the bluetooth menu in Windows. Nevertheless I tried both - when I do not pair it via Windows, BKool recognizes nothing. When I pair it in the Windows Bluetooth options, Win10 will pair a device called "Di" as a heart rate sensor and BKool will also immediately recognize it the same way, but not as a smart trainer. Is it even possible to use the Direto without ANT+ Dongle with Windows? If no, does the ANT+ dongle also need to especially support FE-C or does any ANT+ stick work (like from BKool, Garmin, Tacx...)?

Thanks! Regards, Marcus

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Re: Direto and Bkool not pairing via Bluetooth

Postby Elite Admin S » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:03 pm


All the brands usb ant+ dongle will work with your pc, don't worry.
About BKool, it should be able to connect. Be sure that the trainer is not still connected with some other device when you try to connect.
If you still are not able to connect, contact BKool customer care.

In this moment, our my e-training Desktop pc software only supports the ant+ connectivity (so, the dongle is needed), but in few months we will enable also the bluetooth low energy connection.

You can also think about using Zwift, that connects also via bluetooth.


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