Drivo resistance increasing mid-end of a training session

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Drivo resistance increasing mid-end of a training session

Postby rb80 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:24 pm

Hi fellow trainers,
I have a Drivo that's been in use since June 2017, and in the last 2months I have noticed that the resistance appears to increase approximately 45mins-1hour into a hard training session or zwift race. Sometimes is persists until the end of the session, other times it diminishes and reduces to normal operation.

When I say increase, as an example in ERG mode it can be felt strongly enough that it slows down my cadence and feels as if the brake is being applied. In order to spin the cranks again my power has to go right up, causing the power to spike and sometimes I'm unable to guide the power back down to the ERG target as the machine holds high power at a slow cadence vs allowing me to spin the cranks. I have to stop wait for ERG mode to deactivate, then go again.

Even more tangibly, in non-ERG mode the resistance increase is so noticeable that when it appears I have to shift several gears lower to spin the same cadence at the same power. For instance, I did an FTP test last week and selected a cluster with my preferred gearing to match my target FTP of 300w that utilised 3 gears - 50/16 being primary gearing and 50/15 & 50/17 bailout gears. Approximately 1hr into the test the resistance increased so much that I had to keep changing gears lower and lower and lower to 50/21 so that the gearing and my cadence matched my target 300 watts. This occurred on a dead flat part of virtual circuit (london classique). Then 3-4mins later it vanished like a fog lifting and my cadence rocketed back up and power plummeted down to 260w, so I had to again change gears back down to 50/16 to increase the power back up to 300w.

Has anybody else experienced this? I've tried calibrating when it happens but usually it takes 5mins to connect through to the app successfully, and there's never any variation in the spin down offset.

FWIW ambient temperatures are generally 23-28deg celcius, approximately 70% humidity.

Many thanks!

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Re: Drivo resistance increasing mid-end of a training session

Postby Elite Admin S » Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:42 pm

Please contact the customer care at real@elite-it.com to investigate the situation


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Re: Drivo resistance increasing mid-end of a training session

Postby klu » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:07 pm

I have similar problem. I bought Drivo two days ago mainly in order to ride uphills in Rouvy. I enjoyed the first ride on Drivo and I thought that everything is all right. But maybe after 40 minutes I noticed that the resistence is too hight and does not correspond to the gradient of slope. For example, I rode uphill 8% with 260W and velocity say 12km/h. After slope changes to 3% the resistence was still hight that I was not able to jump to higher gears. Further, my caddence drops from 80 to 60 and my power was about 230W but the velocity was 20km/h. This situation hold for some time and then it changes to very easy ride that does not correspond to the slope. Sometimes the situation improves to the real fealing but it is really strange
since Drivo is completely new. I tried to contact Rouvy support but they wrote me, after performing resistance test, that it seems to them that everyting is all right and that I should contact Elite support.

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