Power calculation on Nero

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Power calculation on Nero

Postby bikesteff » Fri Dec 18, 2020 1:27 pm

I just bought a Nero some weeks ago and I am using it with Zwift. However, the power calculation - next to some other issues like the really bad MyEtraining App software - are a mystery for me.

When doing my first calibration with the Elite App I got a spin down of 2500ms (Set-up: Trainng racing bike, about 8kg with water bottle, 25mm Conti 4 Season @5.5 bar pressure, my weight is a bit less than 80 kg but for convinience I am using 80kg in all apps, Zwift and MyEtraining etc.). Last week I have done a new calibration: 3000 milli second, yesterday 4000 milli seconds. I am always folding and unfolding the trainier. Training time is about 10h per week. Temperature in my garage between 3-7 degrees (some weeks ago it was 10 degree).

Now my question: I have recognized that there is a gap between the power "feeling" for hills and planes: E.g. when climbing up hills with 300 watts this is much less exhausting than driving 300 watts in the plane. I do also have a higher puls then. I would like to learn more on how the power is calculated by Nero. For this raeson I have done different calibrations with the Elite app using the brakes for getting short spin down values and pedaling a bit longer for long spin down values, respectively - such that I got Spin down values between 800 and 7000 milli seconds. With those values I read the power @30.2 km/h and 76 cadence with the elite app and got a very nice linear regression curve:

power = -0,0271*spinDown(ms) + 342,22

Now I would like to do the same with a nero resistance applied. What I have learned until now is that Nero does not use the magnetic brake in the planes (0% gadient), just like within the Elite app. Higher spin down values just produce smaller power values on a linear scale. Is there any way to set up the Nero with a permanent gradient for e.g. 2, 3,4,5,6 and 7 % (so the complete range) and read the power value in the display @ a certain speed of the roller? I would like to fit all curves together.

The reason for tha ist: Until now I do not trust the power values any more. When doing the spin down calibration yesterday (3000 moved to 4000 ms) the power display decreases by almost 12% with 0% gradient. But in Zwift my FTP value increased 1 point when climbing the small 56km alpe (not the alpe du huez!) and I really do not understand why since the are also a lot of plane streets on this route. Of course I can climb with more than 300 watts permanently but the plane streets with 300 watts should have been 12% harder as with the 3000ms calibration (and it really was like this) but I then would not expect an FTP increase! Further, I do not have planned to increase my FTP yesterday ;-)

Any ideas to my point how the gradient in the MyEtraining app can be adjusted manually?

If nothing helps I will install my power pedals on this bike which I do not have done yet for several reasons. I hope that the software for integrating them is better written then the rest!

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