Resistance too low on Elite Suito via Bluetooth

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Resistance too low on Elite Suito via Bluetooth

Postby lars » Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:00 am

Hi everyone, has anyone had this same problem and has - ideally - been able to solve it: I've just upgraded from my Elite Rampa to an Elite Suito and have been testing it via Bluetooth with the Zwift Android app on my Huawei P30 Pro.

The app runs beautifully on the phone but the resistance I get is too low, which means I spin out in the flat before I can get any serious power down. In the flat I am in my hardest gear (52/11) and can't even get to 400W at a normal cadence.

I know I can set the trainer difficulty in Zwift but that only makes a difference on inclines, not in the flat or downhills.

I had the same problem 3 years ago when I first bought my Rampa and ended up using it on the PC via ANT+ which made the resistance much more realistic.

However, I was hoping with the new trainer using Bluetooth would not be an issue anymore. It´s just so much easier to set everything up just using your phone (I have to move everything out of the way after training).

Anyway, any advice will be very much welcome. If this can't be solved I'll have to return the trainer.

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Re: Resistance too low on Elite Suito via Bluetooth

Postby reweini » Sat Oct 26, 2019 3:48 am

Including a cassette with the trainer is laudable but why not offer a choice? Not everyone uses a 12-speed cassette. I for one am using a 9 speed. Now I must replace the 12-speed with a new 9-speed cassette. Goodbye $100. The 12-speed will go in my parts bin perhaps never to see the light of day again. Many others will have the same problem. One of the complaints against not including a cassette was the need to have the tools to install one. Only cyclists with 12-seed shifters will benefit from the included 12-speed cassette others will still need the special tools.


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