Problem Qubo Digital Smart B +

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Problem Qubo Digital Smart B +

Postby kaciek22 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:06 pm

I have a problem with Qubo Digital Smart B +. The trainer connects to the original Elite computer, but is not detected by phone and PC. It does not work via Bluetooth and ANT +. does not connect to MyETraining or ZWIFT. The original Elite computer supports all functions wirelessly.

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Re: Problem Qubo Digital Smart B +

Postby Elite Admin S » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:48 pm


If you have the version with the handlebar console, it means you have a Qubo Digital (the ant version, not the B+ version).
You can use it with our my e-training app on a smartphone/tablet that supports the ant+ protocol (or you can use an ant dongle to enable it - without knowing the exact model I cannot give you more informations).

It's not possible to use it with Zwift or my e-training desktop pc software, that support only the ant+ fe-c interactive version.
But if you have the upgradable version, you can upgrade the trainer to make it transmit in ant+ fe-c protocol.

Please tell me:
- the serial number of the trainer
- the model of your smartphone/tablet


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