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Elite Real Turbo Muin

Postby jns » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:46 pm

Hello, I got a deal on the original Elite Real Turbo Muin, from the 2015 catalog. Note I'm talking about the original one, NOT the B+ version from the 2016 catalog. It's the thru-axle version.

As I'm not able to find much information on the internet about it, I have some pertinent questions: first off, my bike has a 142x12 mm rear hub but the catalog refers that "only 130,135-5 mm quick clamping systems" are compatible. What are the compatible dimensions for the thru-axle version?
Second, it has a sticker saying "upgradable firmware". By what I read it will upgrade it's ant connectivity protocol to ant+ fe-c. What does it differ from normal ant+? I am also thinking about getting a garmin edge device and ant+ heart rate strap combo and a stages powermeter, but I think they are ant+ compatible and I'm afraid they don't connect to the updated device.
Third and last is because the device isn't bluetooth compatible. How do I connect it to my phone/tablet/pc/television? If I got the ant+ dongle, could I use it with an adaptor? Same problem here, is the ant+ dongle compatible with ant+ fe-c?


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Re: Elite Real Turbo Muin

Postby Elite Admin S » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:25 pm


Sorry, the standard version is not compatible with thru axle bikes.
About the ant+ fe-c, it's a communication protocol that has been standardized, so with this version of the protocol you can use your trainer with all the third party company softwares (Zwift, TrainerRoad, BKool, Garmin...)

About connecting the trainer to a mobile device, if you have a smartphone/tablet android that supports the OTG connection, you can use an OTG cable and the ant dongle you already have. If you have an iOS device it is necessary to use a specific ant+ dongle and a lightning/30 pin adapter, but it seems that there is some compatibility issue between the dongle and the latest update of iOS, so in case contact our customer care at real@elite-it.com specifying the model and the guys there will let you know.

About the PC, you have to use the ant dongle you already have.


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