Elite Real Turbo Muin Thru-axle compatibility ?.

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Elite Real Turbo Muin Thru-axle compatibility ?.

Postby alexsunny123 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 8:58 am


I'm not talking about the B+ version (2016) but it's predecessor (2015). If I have the thru-axle version of this trainer, do all thru-axles dimensions work? I mean, can I fit a 135x10, a 110x15 or a 142x42 hub? I read the 2015 Elite catalogue available at [url]issuu.com[/url] and there it said "compatible hubs: 130, 135- 5 mm diameter quick clamping system". By that I supposed you were referring to the quick-release version of the system, correct? I searched the web trying to find a legit source of information about the thru-axle compatibility relative to the thru-axle version of the equipment, but wasn't able to find anything, just for the his sucessor, the Elite Real Turbo Muin B+. It was the year they released the Elite Real Turbo Muin and the only year it was manufactured I think, atleast it doesn't appear in any more catalogues. If you wanna know more about older models, you can check Elite's issuu's page.


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