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Thinking of getting a smart trainer... Need some advice.

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:11 am
by robinjacob
For the past, little under a year now- I've used Zwift, cycled outdoors and have dropped over 50 pounds! I'm finally starting to not look silly on a road bike. I've gone from not being able to do 2 miles to being able to finally break the 40 mile mark and doing 37 mile rides back to back. Not too shabby I suppose?

I wouldn't be here without Zwift and the FTP builder and... Another plan I used along with random workouts and free rides. For the time I've used it I've had a "Dumb Trainer" a Travel Trac fluid trainer with a Speed/Cadence sensor. I had the Zwift team themselves tell me these things are not highly accurate. I also read on another post here about a fellow who experienced something I tend to as well, which is that once the fluid warms up it gets tougher to keep up the same wattage and for a few miles it's kind of inconsistent. I know it also is very "sporadic" about how it tells you your watts but mostly, your cadence. I seem to have to pedal absolutely perfectly and think really hard about my pedaling for it not to jump between! then...300! then... back to 72... then maybe 85... then 89... OOOPS IT'S AT 120!

Re: Thinking of getting a smart trainer... Need some advice.

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:40 am
Buy a Drivo. 100% bike simulation with Zwift or other applications!