Ation Digital rollers "Smart B" or not???

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Ation Digital rollers "Smart B" or not???

Postby Bobyrickson » Wed May 08, 2019 12:33 pm

Are all Arion Digital rollers "Smart B" rollers? I purchased these rollers used and the say "Arion Digital" and "ANT Wireless Technology" on them, but not "Smart B".

I had problems trying to get them hooked up with Zwift. Zwift told me to get a firmware update from My e-training App. I have been fighting with that for more than an hour and at the end of the day it wants $20 for anything and does not seem to really be getting me on the right path for a solution.

Before I go too much further with this frustration, I'd like to make sure, is there any way that I can confirm that the rollers I have are compatible with Zwift?Mobdro

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