questions on misuro b+ and quick motion rollers

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questions on misuro b+ and quick motion rollers

Postby mikeeread » Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:18 pm


I've just bought a set of Elite quick motion rollers and was wondering if it is worth adding the misuro b+. So any general comments about this combination are welcome. Some specific questions.

i) What is the set-up number for the quick motion rollers. A search shows it's probably setting 1, but I don't understand why, as this is for generic rollers and these rollers come with a mount point for the misuro so was kind of expecting they'd have a specific setting.

ii) Assuming all is set up correcting what (reasonably repeatable) information will be transmitted by the misuro. Speed AND cadence? If so how is cadence determined.

Thanks (tried posting this earlier but post seems to have gone awol)


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