Turbo Muin B+ - Watt accuracy - Powermeter users

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Turbo Muin B+ - Watt accuracy - Powermeter users

Postby Jarvid » Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:26 pm

I wanted to buy a trainer for indoor training, and not use my power pedals, but bought a Turbo muin B+ on sale.
That was a bad idea at first, because the Turbu Muin wattage is totally out of control out out of the box. Too bad Elite!!.
Have been searching the internet for the Turbo Muin B+ watt accuracy issue. A lot of people are frustrated about the watt curve error. Elite don't seems to care about it.

So, what can people out there do with that? Ask Elite again and again?.....I don't think that will help.
I am an engineer and hopefully other people here with power meter and Tubo Muin can do something about it.

First thing. ALWAYS warm up your Muin before even think about watt numbers- or post it on the internet. (I also put my towel on top of the fluid cooling ribs the first minutes). 20 minutes at 150watt or 10 minutes at 200 watt, and after that 1 minute at 250-300w at least. Then, the Muin silocone fluid viscocity start to get correct tempered, more consistent, and shows higher watt numbers. (why not write that in the user manual, Elite??)

Then. Buy a small torque wrench.

I had to tighten the belt tension to 3.2Nm before the wattage started to get within acceptable value. Still working on that.
I found a Stages power meter user on the internet, who alo posted his numbers, which are about the same as mine.

So, what about 2070mm or 2090mm wheel size?..I'm not sure, but I use 2095/159mm wheel circumstance.
12 blinks on the Misuro transmitter.

I have also made a power curve formula for the PowerIT LITE app with 159mm wheel size. Try power factors: a0.0, b0.0, c0.265, d0.054.

Watt test - Muin - Look Keo power - PowerIT
15km/h - 67w - 64w - 67w
20km/h - 148w - 144w - 145w
25km/h - 289w - 264w - 266w
30km/h - 466w - 435w - 442w

Power meter users. Please post your watt values, and good ideas here, to see if we can understand the watt curve issue with the Turbo Muin B+.


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Re: Turbo Muin B+ - Watt accuracy - Powermeter users

Postby ryan.marais » Sat Aug 08, 2020 9:31 pm

Mine is the other way around as in turbo muon is so gnofocantly lower

Turbo. Stages

140. 210
200. 285
220. 298

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