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by davidrich
Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:49 pm
Forum: Misuro
Topic: failure to calibrate
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failure to calibrate

Hi, I have been a bad user :( and have not regularly calibrated my Volano Smart Misuro B+. Now that the weather is changing and I'll start using the turbo again, I have tried to calibrate the trainer via the app on my phone (Samsung). It seems to be calibrating (round icon swirling round and round) ...
by davidrich
Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:09 pm
Forum: Misuro
Topic: inaccurate power reading
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inaccurate power reading

My Misuro was reading power very well, but has now started to read between 10-30 watts lower than normal. It is usually about 7w out from my Garmin vector 3 pedals when I used them on the Misuro trainer, but the difference is getting bigger & bigger. It is noticable when using normal pedals too....
by davidrich
Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:07 am
Forum: Other smart trainers
Topic: Exporting to Today'sPlan?
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Exporting to Today'sPlan?

Hi, I just bought a Volano Smart B+ and have managed to connect the myETraining App and the trainer etc and can automatically exprt data to Strava, but I now need to transfer workout data from the myEtraining app to 'Today's Plan' so that my coach can view the files. How do I do this? Thanks.

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