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by Twans
Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:26 am
Forum: My e-training Desktop
Topic: Direto+ Windows 10 bluetooth
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Direto+ Windows 10 bluetooth

Hello Elite, I recently purchased a Direto+, i have my setup connected to my windows 10 PC with bluetooth 4.0. The device is recognized in the my elite training software but when i start a training no speed is displayed. All the other settings, Watt/Cadance/HearthRate are being showed, how can i fix...
by Twans
Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:33 am
Forum: Direto & Direto X
Topic: Direto and Bkool not pairing via Bluetooth
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Re: Direto and Bkool not pairing via Bluetooth

Is bluetooth allready available for my e-training? Last post was from januari 2018 it's now 10 months later?

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